Selen Zafer is a Turkish-born lawyer, Rotaractor and MUNer with both her professional and Rotaract life based in Istanbul, Turkey.
Through her college life, she participated many MUN Conferences all around the world, beliving that she might has a chance to change the world. MUN thought her to be a team with people from different nationalities, and generate ideas for world issues.
Selen invites all of you to join her solving the most essential global issues and taste delicious meals and discover the most beautiful city, Istanbul.

What does MUN mean to you?
MUN helps to make new friends while improving your social skills and knowledge. But most importantly, it gives you a chance to have a voice and find solutions on world problems.


Müge Kahveci is a 21 year old Law and Sociology student, Rotaractor and MUNer from Istanbul. She is highly interested in technology, sociology and politics, all which she is building her career towards. Her passion for Model United Nations started at the beginning of the University and she has participated numerous conferences around the world. She has been part of Rotaract for three years and currently is the Club Secretary of Fındıklı Rotaract Club. Since she joined both Rotaract and MUN society, she has discovered the means to concretely impact humanity through discussing and finding solutions and carrying out social projects to become a change-maker. Müge welcomes you all to this edition of RGMUN in Istanbul to seek fulfilling answers together.

What does MUN mean to you?
To me, MUN means learning diplomacy not only from books but also through practice and being involved. MUN gives us the chance to discover the world and our abilities while meeting people who have the same interests with us.

Luka Mandić

Luka Mandić is advanced student of Medical school at Belgrade University – Serbia, and a dedicated Rotaractor for seven years.
He actively participated in both local and international projects implemented by Rotaract Club of Beograd or sponsoring Rotary club of Belgrade. For the very first time he got acquainted with MUN in Belgrade in 2015, and since then he has shown great interest in international politics and the way of solving some pressing global problems. Beside promoting ideas of finding sustainable solutions for various global problems, MUN offered him a great opportunity to work and meet a number of brilliant and dedicated young Rotaractors from all over the world sharing the same ideas and values.
Luka greatly enjoyed his last MUN which took place in New York in 2018 and he is looking forward and inviting all other Rotaractors to join him in same mission which will be held this May in Istanbul, Turkey.

What does MUN mean to you?
For me, RGMUN is an unique opportunity to combine ideas and energy of brilliant young people from all over the world, to make our society better place for all. In synergy of Rotaract, Rotary and UN – we can achieve that!


Melis Leyal Gürel is a Psychology & Molecular Biology and Genetics student at Koç University, Istanbul.
She has served as the VP of her interact club while in high school, and now she is an enthusiastic rotaractor in Tarabya Rotaract Club. She also has organisational responsibilities in RGMUN due to her position at the organising Rotaract club.
Throughout her professional life, she has taken part in robotics competitions, environmental projects and health-related organisations, as well as taking up the ambassador role for various establishments, which have provided her insight into various social issues.
Her MUN career begun with Harvard MUN and she has participated in multiple conferences with a variety of roles such as President Chair, Under-Secretary-General and Secretary-General as well as different organisational positions concerning public relations.
Leyal is thrilled with the expectation of meeting you all and encourages everyone to approach the dais at some point during the conference. She wishes you the best of luck during research and throughout the conference and offers her support in every step of the way.

What does MUN mean to you?
MUN for me is exploring the whole world just by being in one place ,being able to meet all kinds of people and becoming friends with them as well as having a lot of fun! It is a chance I would recommend everyone to take since every conference is an unforgettable experience on its own.